Education about Inclusive Excellence takes into account that Hobart and William Smith Colleges is a dynamic institution preparing students for life in the 21st century and beyond. As our world continues to become more interconnected globally and locally, there is a need to educate the community about ways to create and maintain an institutional infrastructure that centers diversity in its quest for excellence. It involves regular and ongoing:

  • Climate Assessment
  • Policy and practice creation, maintenance and assessment
  • Dissemination and solicitation of information and resources related to critical themes of diversity and inclusion
  • Awareness of current events and trends related to diversity and inclusion.

At its core, education requires the sharing of information. Communicating vital information about Inclusive Excellence and institutional vibrancy at Hobart and William Smith Colleges shifts the responsibility for maintaining excellence in this area to all campus constituents, including administrators, students, faculty and staff instead of holding one office or individual solely responsible.


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