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You Want to Be an Architect

Prof. Makker and Students

Why Choose HWS?

"The profession of architecture will not remain vital unless future architects can frame the design problems they encounter in terms that go well beyond the confines of their own field." Piotrowski and Robinson, The Discipline of Architecture (2001)

Reason One:
It used to be that the only way you could become an architect was by earning a B.Arch, so a lot of the older generation of architects have that degree, even the most famous ones. Since the 1980s, the M.Arch. has become the standard degree. The top up and coming architects primarily have M.Archs and received a liberal arts college education as undergraduates. Hobart and William Smith Colleges offers young people a fantastic track to becoming a very successful architect. This is another way of saying that the profession values architects with broad educations, something that Hobart and Williams Smith's liberal arts program in Architecture Studies can offer in ways University programs in architecture, which are either pre-professional or professional, cannot.

Reason Two:
Hobart and Williams Smith's major in Architecture Studies will also give you more career options when you graduate. Our graduates become professionals in the fields of:

  • architecture
  • architectural history and theory scholarship
  • landscape architecture
  • interior design
  • urban design
  • industrial or product design
  • graphic design
  • urban and regional planning
  • green building materials development
  • historic preservation
  • architectural journalism
  • construction and facilities management
  • real estate develoment

Reason Three:
You will have a well-rounded college experience. Over 75% of Architecture Studies majors at HWS study abroad, intern with various organizations and agencies, and participate in community service learning. You will also have more opportunities to meet people that are not architecture majors and enjoy taking part in campus organizations and sports teams.

Why HWS Rather than Another Liberal Arts College that Offers Architecture Studies?

Unlike many other liberal arts college majors in architecture that are small entities within Art or Art History departments and at most have one architect on their faculty, Hobart and William Smith College's students who study architecture are in a defined Program in Architecture Studies with three full-time faculty members trained in architecture and/or landscape architecture who can offer personal career mentoring to each student at HWS who studies architecture.

Our architecture curriculum is rigorous in both architectural history and design studios. Our faculty are in regular contact with leaders in design education and the design and planning professions. Sustainability's future in architecture and planning is recognized by our faculty and is integrated fully into the architecture curriculum.

We offer design studios in-house by full time faculty, unlike most other liberal arts colleges with majors in architecture, who rely on part-time instructors or require their students to take design studios on nearby university campuses.

Our faculty in Architectural Studies are also trained in and have experience in environmental design, landscape planning, architectural and urban history, furniture design, historic preservation, and architectural journalism. At HWS, architecture majors are closely mentored both in design and in pursuing their careers and/or graduate school, whatever direction they take.

Why major in Architecture Studies?

Architecture Studies graduates are:

  • process thinkers: non-linear, iterative, and creative problem solvers
  • sophisticated critics
  • good citizens: informed about the complex relationship between environmental sustainability and human habitation
  • collaborative learners: work productively and creatively in a group setting
  • experienced communicators: visual thinking, professional presentation skills, public speaking


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