As part of the biology major at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, each student is required to participate in a senior seminar. The goals of the seminars are to consider particular biological processes in detail and to investigate the impacts of these processes on society. An additional goal is that the biology majors communicate these concepts and impacts clearly in both oral and written forms.

Recently, Professor Thomas Glover's seminars have studied the effects of genetic advances on varied aspects of modern society. Past seminars have written magazines to summarize their understand of the complex relationships between science and society. The following information was generated by students in the fall 2010 Biology 460 seminar. Their findings are on the interrelationships between genetic research and society at large.


Genetic Disease
By Caitlin Baker '11 and Michelle Barker '11
A brief look into human genetic diseases, recent technologies, ethics, and developments in the field.

Sports and Genetics
By Natalie Blauvelt '11 and Jessica Leone '11
This presentation explores multiple aspects of genetics and sports, including the "sports gene" and gender testing.

Genetic Counseling
By Chelsea Chambers '11 and Sarah Drapela '11
An interactive presentation about the field of Genetic Counseling and the technology and ethics used in the field.

Synthetic Biology & Energy
By Cullen White '11
Overview of synthetic biology in 2010, relevant technologies, and the individuals & companies on the leading edge.

By Alicia Supernault '11 and Sarah Gall '11
Is DNA destiny? Check out our presentation on the emerging field of epigenetics and see for yourself.

Genetics and US Legislation
By Amy Norris '11
An overview of the familial search technique and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

Henrietta Lacks: A Case Study
By Katrina Carey '11
A case study focusing on the genetic and ethical aspects surrounding HeLa cells and Henrietta Lacks.

Supergenes and Superbugs
By David Ansel '11
Is the overprescription or misuse of antibiotics going to lead to superbug devastation? This presentation looks at problems regarding genes, antibiotics and possible "superbugs".

By Zac Andrews '11
Overview of current changes in technology and transgenic research in modern society.


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