NYSAES: New York State Agricultural Experiment Station


Thanks to a 2008 Memorandum of Understanding between HWS and Cornell University / New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES), the talents of burgeoning HWS scientists are shaping the future of agricultural research and its impacts on the local and global communities. On the northwest side of Geneva, the NYSAES seeks to advance a sustainable agriculture and food system that will improve human health, protect the environment and support the economic development that is needed to address state and global needs. The Station includes more than 300 faculty, staff, and student researchers and more than 900 acres of land planted as test plots, orchards and vineyards.

Qualified and accepted HWS students can participate in summer or academic-year research such as an independent study, honors work, or a research semester. Former HWS students who worked at the NYSAES have continued on to a range of professions such as graduate school, medical school, dental school, and pharmacy school.

In 2009, the Brenda and David Rickey Foundation approved a three year, $45,000 grant to support students in the HWS Summer Science Research Program to undertake research projects at NYSAES. Beginning in 2014, the Thomas J. Glover Research Fund in honor of Professor Emeritus Glover was established to support additional student research.

HWS Student Researchers at NYSAES


  • Bri Hurysz '20
  • Jerlin Garo '17
    • Project: Single nucleotide polymorphisms: markers for identifying genes influencing phenotype of interest
    • Dr. Gennaro Fazio
  • Drew Ritter '17
    • Project: Experimenting with pesticide regimens for onions to control onion thrips to optimize control and reduce resistance
    • Brian A. Nault




  • Fu-Wah Choi '15
    • Project: Determine the effects of different nematode species and quantity on various plants/crops
    • George Abawi




  • Zach Feasel '10
    • Project: Genetic mapping of sex determination in wild grape vines
    • HWS Provost funds


  • Zach Feasel '10
    • Project: Genetic mapping of sex determination in wild grape vines
    • Dr. Chris Owens
    • HWS Provost funds


  • Martyna Boruta '10
    • Project: DNA fingerprinting apple accessions
    • Dr. Chuck Simon
    • HWS Provost funds
  • Kim White '09
    • Project
    • Dr. Martin Goffinet
    • HWS Provost funds

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