Letters of Recommendation-Interfolio

The Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development partnered with Interfolio in 2010, an online service to manage letters of recommendation needed in your search for employment and/or admissions to graduate or professional school. A file may be started at any point during your academic career or after graduation. Once a recommendation file is established, you have the security of knowing that copies are easily accessible for employer or professional/graduate school use. The file eliminates the necessity, in future years, of locating people from whom you would like a recommendation.

Request to Release Letters of Recommendation Housed in the Career Services Office
Letters of recommendation should be sent when an employer or school expresses an interest in receiving them. Recommendations should not automatically be sent when you first apply for a position or are making an initial inquiry. Before requesting release of your letters, check to be certain your file is complete and recommendations have been received.

Letters of recommendation are released only upon your written request and receipt of the necessary fees. Career Services staff cannot honor telephone or fax requests for security reasons. You may send written requests to Career Services by completing a Request to Release Recommendation form.

When requesting the release of your letters of recommendation, be certain to:

  • provide your complete name, address, phone number and class year
  • specify which letters from your file are to be sent
  • indicate the complete name(s) and mailing address(es) of where letters should be sent
  • include a fee of $3 per address

Submit your written request to release recommendations well in advance of any deadlines set by prospesctive employers or professional/graduate schools. Please allow five business days after receipt to process your request. Letters of recommendation are mailed first class. Records are kept of when and where your letters are sent, as well as notification of receipt by the employer or graduate/professional school official. Recommendations will not be faxed to employers or graduate/professional schools under any circumstances due to confidentiality issues.

Your recommendations file may be transferred to another college or university if you go on for graduate work. As your professional/graduate school will be more likely to receive notification of job openings in your graduate field of study, you will probably want to utilize its career office. Upon receipt of your written request and the $3 fee, copies of your file will be sent to the graduate/professional school.

Note: Transcripts are not maintained by or sent out from Career Services. They should be requested directly from the Registrar's Office (315) 781-3651.

Maintenance of Recommendations File
Recommendations files are stored in the Career Services Office for 10 years following the registrant's date of graduation. After 10 years, a post card will be mailed asking if you would like an extension on the amount of time your file is maintained. If you do not request an extension after 10 years, your recommendations file will be destroyed in its entirety.


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