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The Professionals in Residence speaker series was developed to enhance students’ learning in the classroom. Discussions are intended to broaden students’ minds by discussing relevant and timely issues in business that includes a variety of fields and points of view. The program provides an opportunity for alumni and alumnae to return to campus to share their perspectives on the challenges they face in their respective industries while interacting with students and faculty. Speakers typically talk about their career paths and current positions, as well as offer advice to students that are interested in working in their field as to what it takes to be a marketable candidate.

Usually, speakers provide an evening talk to a larger group of students, and then follow up the next day with one-on-one meetings with students interested in informational interviews to learn more about the field.

Previous Speakers
(This list is not complete.)

Sarah Cummings '11, Betsy Glazer, and Drew Wadsworth '10, "A Career in Property Management"

Jayne Chase P'13, "Careers in Fashion and Public Relations"

Chris Coffin '83, "Hospitality, Management and Events Planning"

Dr. Richard Cytryn '75, P'14, P'16, "Health Professions, Reflections of an MD"

Felipe Estefan '08 , "From CNN to the World Bank: Mobile Phones & Social Media"

Seth H. Langson '73, "The Scandal of Our Lifetime: Sexual Abuse of Children and the Continuing Cover-up by the Institutions We Were Taught to Trust"

Will Margiloff '92, "Entrepreneurism in Digital Marketing"

Len Mott '66, "Beyond Physics: Careers in Optics, Aerospace and More"

Harry Radovich P'13, "A Career in Finance: the Journey from Analyst to Portfolio Manager"

Thomas F. Toole, "Public Service: A Lifestyle, a Career"


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