Cognition, Logic and Language


Whether it's interning in London, studying in Spain or doing research in Germany, most Hobart and William Smith students will have had some kind of international learning experience before they graduate.

With some planning, cognition, logic and language minors can travel abroad and still graduate on time. The Center for Global Education offers abroad programs on six continents, including the Netherlands, England, Wales, and Denmark.

Maastricht, Netherlands

In 2005, Hobart and William Smith Colleges launched an affiliation with the University College Maastricht (UCM) in Maastricht. UCM is a small, international undergraduate division within the larger Universiteit Maastricht (UM), which boasts a student population of 12,000. Founded in 2002 as one of the first liberal arts honors programs in the Netherlands, the UCM program offers highly qualified HWS students the opportunity to study for one semester (in English) alongside Dutch and international classmates in a rigorous, highly interactive learning environment.

Norwich, England

In 2005, HWS launched an affiliation with the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, England. UEA has a student population of 13,000, with Norwich street approximately 2,000 international students drawn from 100 nations around the world. The university is ranked among Britain's finest academic institutions. HWS students have the opportunity to study at UEA, taking classes and living alongside their British and international classmates, for a full cultural immersion experience.

Carmarthen, Wales

In 2008, HWS established an affiliation with Trinity University College in Wales. Founded in 1848, Trinity has a student population of 2,200, mostly from southern Wales but also from other regions of Britain, Western Europe and the U.S. Trinity University College is known for its commitment to community engagement and this commitment permeates its innovative curriculum. HWS students will have the opportunity to live and take classes alongside Welsh and international classmates. To facilitate engagement with the local community, all students must participate in an academic or extracurricular immersion experience; this may include a credit- bearing internship, a school practicum, or a service-learning project.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hobart and William Smith Colleges have affiliated with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) to offer an off-campus program in Copenhagen, capital of the oldest kingdom in the world and one of the most socially progressive countries in Europe. At DIS students can take classes taught in English by an outstanding group of faculty and can participate in study tours to other European countries. Students on the program may choose to live either with a Danish host family, in an international student residence or in a flat with a Danish roommate, each offering a different cultural immersion experience.



At HWS, students have the freedom to study at any of our Global Education destinations. Visit the Global Education website for the full list of destinations.


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