The Center for Teaching and Learning hires students throughout the year as note-takers, tutors, teaching fellows and writing colleagues.


Note-takers supply notes for a specific course or course section. Notetakers must complete an orientation session at CTL.


Tutors typically work with struggling students from specific courses or areas of study. They may work with individual students or small groups on a semester-by-semester basis. To apply, download the tutor forms, review the tutor responsibilities and fill out the application. Current tutors may also download the tutor journal worksheet.

Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows staff departmental study spaces, where they cultivate student understanding of subject-specific discourse and inquiry, model out-of-class engagement and help direct learning. Teaching Fellows are trained to facilitate learning by directing conversation, posing challenging questions, suggesting effective study strategies, providing feedback and directions to additional resources. To learn more about the program or to apply, download the program description and application (PDF).

Writing Colleagues

Writing Colleagues are students that lend support and act as a sounding board for other student writers. They spend a semester attached to a course, often a First Year Seminar, working with each individual student in the course. Writing Colleagues must go through an application process, and then take the Writing Colleague Seminar through Writing and Rhetoric, where they study how to provide writing assistance and diagnose papers, as well as read and write and discuss the art of rhetoric. To obtain more information or to apply, contact Alex Janney, Writing Colleague Coordinator at x3807.


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