The transition to college can be a challenge—both personally and academically. The Colleges offer a comprehensive Orientation program to get you "up to speed" on your surroundings and to help turn all those new faces into new friends.

Students here take four courses per semester. Prior to arriving in the fall you'll have selected your courses for the first semester, and one of those courses will be a First-Year Seminar.

These small classes have been developed as a way for you to meet others with similar academic interests and to adjust to college-level work. The seminar topics vary each year, as do the professors who teach them, so the classroom discussions are always fresh and interesting.



  • Africa: Myths and Realities
  • Analytical Methods of Sherlock Holmes
  • Anatomy of Voice
  • Bird Obsessions: Beauty of the Beast
  • Brain, Memory, Memoir
  • Creating: Myth, Mystery and Mind
  • Facets of Islam
  • Fields of Play: Improvisation in Life and Arts
  • Fitting In and Standing Out in Contemporary China
  • From Publius to Iwo Jima: Political Conflict in Theory, Practice and on Screen
  • Imaginary Indias
  • Imagining the End of the World
  • Love of the Other
  • Metamorphosis. Metaphors of Change
  • Method in the Arts
  • Mirrored Histories: Racism in the U.S and South Africa
  • Native Heritage: "Walk in Balance on the Earth Mother"
  • Odyssey and Enlightenment
  • Philosophy Through Literature, Drama and Film
  • PhysX: Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Didn't Know Who to Ask
  • Rock Music and American
  • Masculinities
  • Taking Flight
  • Tales of the Village Idiot: Russian and American Folklore
  • The Ghost in the Machine
  • Thinking Critically about God
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • Vietnam and Iraq
  • Why Aren't All Countries Rich?