interdisciplinary, 6 courses

Four core courses in four different disciplines: at least one course from the Core Theory list; three additional courses, from either the Core Theory or Core list; and two additional courses from either the Core or Elective lists. At least two of the six courses must be from a department or program outside the social sciences (e.g., Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, English, French, History, Religion, Spanish).


Core Theory Courses
ANTH 212 NGO’s and Development: Diagnosing the World
ECON 344 Economic Development and Planning
ENV 120 Human Geography and Global Economy
POL 248 Politics of Development
POL 289 Political Economy of Development

Core Courses
AFS 240 African, Asian and Caribbean Women’s Texts
AFS 310 Black Images/White Myths
ANTH 205 Race, Class and Ethnicity
ANTH 213 Culture of India
ANTH 221 Human Rights and Indigenous People
ANTH 279 Diagnosing the World
ANTH 280 Environment and Culture: Cultural Ecology
ANTH 296 Africa: Beyond Crisis, Poverty, and Aid
ANTH 332 Ethnographies of Capitalism
ANTH 354 Food, Meaning, Voice
ECON 135 Latin American Economies
ECON 212 Environmental Economics
ECON 240 International Trade
ECON 435 Political Economy of Latin America
EDUC 302 State, Society and Disability in China
EDUC 308 Comparative and International Education
ENV 110 Topics in Environmental Studies
ENV/ASN 215 Environment and Development in East Asia
ENV 309: Environmental Change in the Indigenous World
HIST 151 History of the World Food System
HIST 190 History of East Asia
HIST 226 Colonial Latin America
HIST 283 South Africa in Transition
HIST 284 Africa: From Colonialism to Neocolonialism
HIST 285 The Middle East: Roots of Conflict
HIST 354 The African Predicament
HIST 396 History and the Fate of Socialism
HIST 465 Seminar: Revolution in the Third World
LTAM 210 Perspectives on Latin America
POL 140 Introductions to Comparative Politics
POL 255 Politics of Latin American Development
POL 258 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
POL 259 African Politic
POL 281 Politics of South AsiaPOL 387 States and Markets

Elective Courses (Additional courses may be proposed)
ANTH 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 297 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ASN 220 Male and Female in East Asian Societies
ASN 401 Asia Colloquium
ECON 146 Russian Economy: From Plan to Market
ECON 221 Population and Society
ECON 466 Seminar on Population Issues
ECON 480 Economic Globalization
ENG 316 Hearts of Darkness
ENV 330 Sustainable Consumption and Asia
FRE 243 Topics in Francophone Cultures
FRE 351 Francophone African Fiction
FRE 352 North African Literature: Narrative of Dissent and the Search for Identity
FRNE 211 Black African Literature: The Quest for Identity
FRNE 218 Memory, Culture and Identity in French Caribbean Literature
FRNE 219 Beyond Colonialism: North African Cinema and Literatures
HIST 202 Japan Since 1868
HIST 203 Gender in Africa
HIST 205 Modern Mexican History
HIST 231 Modern Latin America
HIST 261 20th Century Russia
HIST 298 Exploring Modern China
HIST 380 History of North Africa
HIST 390 The Modern Transformations of China and Japan
HIST 394 Russia and Central Asia
HIST 472 Seminar: Africa through the Novel
LTAM 210 Perspectives on Latin America
PHIL 159 Global Justice
POL 202 Politics of Afghanistan
POL 208: Gender and Politics in MENA
POL 254 Globalization
POL 257 Russia/China Unraveled
POL 258 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
POL 281 Politics of South Asia
POL 285 International Politics of the Middle East
POL 387 States and Markets
POL 401 Yemen: Politics on/of the Periphery
REL 159 Tongues of Fire: Pentecostalism Worldwide
REL 470 Nationalism
SOC 253 Global Cities
SOC 279 South African Apartheid: Before and After
SOC 291 Society in India
SOC 299 Sociology of Vietnam
SPAN 308 Culture and Identity in Spanish America
SPAN 317 Arte y Revolución
SPAN 321 Cuentos de America Latino
SPAN 365 Literature and Music of the Hispanic Caribbean
SPAN 392 Latin American Women’s Writings
SPAN 420 Contemporary Latin American Novel
SPNE 311 The Latino Experience
SPNE 322 Theatre and Social Change in Latin America
SPNE 330 Latina Writing in the United States
SPNE 345 Latin American Contemporary Narrative
SPNE 355 Garcia Marques: The Major Works


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