Hai Timiai Members


Channel Whitney Campbell
Micaela Carney
Quinn Cullum
Rebecca Czajkowski
Jacqueline Fisher
Abigail Janik
Emily Knipper
Jessica Lathrop
Molly Neureuter
Lauren Workman
Elise Wyatt


Lauren Carr
Chalwyn Caulker
Cinderella (Cindy) Famutimi
Sydney Gomez
Mary Kubinski
Lesly Rivero
Taylor Rugg
Wenruo Wang


Hanna Connolly
Kelly Craig
Virginia DeWees
Joy Gitter
Michelle Gomez
Sophie Halter
Colleen Moore
Nicole  O'Connell
Afrika  Owes
Dana Williams


Rose Cherubin
Jeanine Cryan
Olivia  Dudo
Mary Kacprowicz
Yifei Li
Aly McKnight
Clover Quigley
Erica Randazzo
Cornelia Smith
Megan Soule


Amira Abdulkhadir
Anna Dorman
Abby Evans
Danielle  Shaw
Zoe Van Nostrand
E Zhao


Ahrendtsen, Sara
Cifaratta, Sarah
Crossan, Eleanor
Faughnan, Kristen
Kellogg, Emily
Krifka, Molly
McCarthy, Jillian
Moreau, Youdlyn
Shelden, Emily
Sherwin, Casey
Tarduno, Maria
Williams, Augusta
Zang, Xiaoyu


Bacon, Wendi
Dosky, Caroline
Essien, Elsie
Farlow, Vienna
Kush, Kristen
Mandeville, Constance
Melara, Marcela
Miller, Jamie
Morosky, Lauren
Myers, Jordann
O’Brien, Kaylyn
PierceSchell, Emma
Smith, Sarah
Stevens, Carrie
Williamson, Mary “Morgan”
Wormuth, Bernadette


Browne, Akilah
Cottrell, Katherine “Kate”
France, Shanelle
Hagan, Lindsey
Levesque, Christa
Ragon, Josephina
Strachen, Samantha
Vinick, Joanna
Ward, Amanda
Wholly, Dierdre


Daley, Emma
Davis, Sky
Franklin, Casey
Greene, Libby
Hilton, Shalon
Sperling, Allison
Triplett, Regina


Members for both honor societies are selected based on their scholarship, leadership, character and service.

Typically, they are women who have made a strong commitment to William Smith College and have helped to create a sense of community among the women of the community.

For more information about the societies and/or the application process, please contact the William Smith Dean’s Office at (315) 781-3467 or at wsdeansmail@hws.edu


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