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Rugg ’17 Explores the Effects of War

Res26200For Taylor Rugg ’17, a single class during her first-year at HWS has led to an ongoing, interdisciplinary investigation into how individuals experience the effects of war. The 2013 course,…
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HWS Juniors to Attend Upstate Medical

Res22614When Hannah Connolly ’16 and Courtney Franceschi ’16 first met while they were high school students, they bonded over their mutual interest in medical school and the options offered by…
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Van De Water ’79 Publishes First Novel

Van%20De%20Water-4Web-reduced.jpgAnn Van De Water ’79 has released her debut novel, “Mommy Memoirs: A Hilarious and Heartwarming Look at the Trials and Triumphs of Being a Mom.” Described as a collection…
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Ward ’11 Summers in Developing Countries

Res22170Before starting her final year at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA) in the fall, Amanda Ward ‘11 has set off on a journey to Sierra Leone and Kenya…
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Rush ’98 Donates to LGBT Studies

Res20794Kelly Rush ’98 recently made a donation to the LGBT Studies Department, inspired by what he refers to as “a kind of ‘perfect storm’ motivating me to give,” including HWS…
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