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Leadership Institute

What's new?

  • Student choice: With dozens of sessions to pick from, participants can choose which areas they feel they most need to reflect on, grow in, or practice.
  • Home Groups: Created as a result of student input, these student-facilitated, small group sessions give participants a chance to talk through their own leadership challenges and build relationships with their peers.
  • Action Plans: Through a guided reflection process in the Home Group sessions, participants will identify a goal and use the workshops during the conference to gain the tools that can help them achieve it. Students will walk away from the Institute with a goal and defined steps to achieving it.
  • Themes: Leading Self (Day 1), Leading Others (Day 2) and Leadership in Action (Day 3). The activities (workshops, keynotes and home-group sessions) will revolve around these daily themes.

Designed for student leaders from all levels of experience, the Leadership Institute (LI) brings participants together for a two-and-a-half day professional conference. LI looks to develop young leaders who are globally aware, community centric and capable of leadership with significant implications.

Keynotes Bill & Lisa Mathis P '13 return to Leadership Institute
for a second year.

Student Feedback from LI 2013

“I had such a good time and learned so much. I’m so glad I signed up. This was the best decision I have made while at HWS.”

“I have learned so much about leadership from not only presenters – but especially my peers and home group. I have been so inspired by the passion and ideas of others.” - Home Group Leader Sarah Feldman '15

“A truly inspiring and meaningful conference.”

“Just what I needed.”

“I learned so much about myself.”

“It is a great experience in which you make friends and understand people on a whole different level.”

“Leadership Institute is a rewarding experience that allows you to evaluate yourself as a leader.”

“Great way to start of the semester.”

“Leadership Institute helped me grow as a person.”