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The HWS Leads Reader's College is the gateway into the HWS Leads Leadership Certificate Program. The program is based on the assumption that leaders are not born but are developed. In this course we will study, read, and discuss various components and practices of effective leadership. Students will learn how to lead with an inclusive, ethical, and values-based approach. Invited speakers and experiential activities add depth and breadth to the content. Course readings are chapters and articles drawn primarily from the leadership, sociology, education, social justice and diversity, and business literature.

Public Speaking
To be effective as a student, professional, and leader requires the ability to present your thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently. Most of us have practiced communicating effectively on paper, but far fewer have honed the skills necessary to present orally. Public speaking is about more than the hand gestures, eye contact, and confidence that are often synonymous with our most admired speakers. To speak well in public requires a familiarity with oral style, the proper formulation of arguments, skillful organization, proficient use of language, style, and practice. Knowing your passions and being able to articulate yourself publicly are qualities indispensable to a leader. In this course, you will learn these skills and be given opportunities to practice speaking publicly, so that when you are finished, you will approach public speaking with greater confidence, more effectiveness, and more enjoyment.

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