Proposal for the Campus Visit of Outside Examiners Form

Directions for Honors Advisors:

Arranging Outside Examiner's Visits in the Honors Program
Make all arrangements well in advance.

  • Ordinarily, the outside examiner must have the highest degree in her/his field, e.g., Ph.D. in Sociology; M.F.A. in Fine Arts; M.B.A. in Business Administration; etc. Any exceptions must be discussed with the Honors Committee before an invitation is extended.
  • There are five categories of expenses listed on the enclosed proposal form. The honorarium categories represent fixed payments. The remaining categories indicate the maximum amount that the Honors Program can pay for. Requests for additional funds due to extraordinary circumstances should first be addressed to the Honors Candidate’s department or program chair.

Once the oral examination date is confirmed, you can make your room reservation for the Oral Exam online or by contacting the Registrars office at x3652. Overnight accommodations are available at Harris House on campus. There are three rooms upstairs and one room on the first floor. Each room has one queen bed, private bath, tv, microwave, linen, towels, hair dryer, clock radio, desk and chair.

  • Reservations can be made on line at http://www.hws.edu/offices/conferences/harris.aspx. If Harris House is not available, then reservations can be made at one of the local hotels.
  • Once you have an outside examiner selected, please do the following:
    fully complete the Proposal for the Campus Visit of Outside Examiners Form (below), and send a copy of the Honors candidate's Honors Written Examination (including questions)(in electronic format if possible) to Laura Sposato, Honors Secretary.
  • In order to provide examiners ample time to review Honors Candidates’ work, Honors Secretary must receive the completed proposal form and a copy of the written examination no later than
  • Outside examiners will need to submit their W-9 forms prior to their visit in order to receive their honorarium to either by faxing to Laura Sposato at (315) 781-3458 or emailing to Laura Sposato at sposato@hws.edu. If they have served as outside examiners in the past, the business office most likely will have a W-9 on file for them. The Business Office will not process the honorarium until they have the W-9.
  • An envelope containing four copies of the Record of Honors Achievement and a restaurant voucher will be delivered to your office a few days in advance of the candidate's oral examination.

Honors Adviser’s Name and Title:
(i.e., Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor)


Department or Program:

Date(s) of Honors Candidate’s
Written Exam Given:

Outside Examiner’s Name:

Outside Examiner’s Title:

Outside Examiner’s Home Institution's Mailing Address:

Outside Examiner’s Home Address

E-Mail (Required):


Examiner for (Student Name):

Date and Time of Oral Honors Exam:

Place of Oral Honors Examination:

If the examiner is also serving as classroom lecturer, please complete the following:

Name of Class and Instructor:

Time/Place of Class:

Staying Overnight? (Yes or No)

If yes, where?

Estimated Expenditures:

Outside Examiner Honorarium

Classroom Lecturer Honorarium ($75.00/class):

Travel Expenses
(not to exceed $250.00)
(mileage rate is $.575 per mile)

Hospitality: Overnight accommodations
(not to exceed $100 if Harris House is not available):

Budget for lunch and/or dinner and/ or small group reception:
(Please arrange hospitality so that the Honors Student is included, if possible)


Field Examiner/Title/Department:
(i.e., Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor)

Faculty Examiner/Title/Department:
(i.e., Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor)



Laura Sposato
Gulick 201
(315) 781- 3480
8:30 a.m. - noon


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