Honors Projects

Undergrad Research

Many psychology majors choose to complete an Honors project on a topic of their interest. Most or all of the work associated with an Honors project is done in the senior year, though it may be begun earlier, and culminates in a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts.

Here's a recent sampling of Honors projects completed by psychology majors:


  • Marilyn Buck '17: Perceptions of Short-Term Volunteer Workers in Guatemala
    Brien Ashdown, Adviser


  • Kristen Ressel '16: A Model of Early Education in Guatemala
    Brien Ashdown, Adviser
  • Cassidy Smith '16: Culture, SES, and the Stigma of Mental Healthcare
    Brien Ashdown, Adviser
  • Olivia Hanno '16: Sex Education and Gender Roles in Guatemala
    Brien Ashdown, Adviser
  • Chantel Carrasco '16
    Ron Gerrard, Adviser


  • Amanda N. Faherty '15: The Reality of the American Dream: Class, Race, and Gender Biases in the College Admission Process
    Brien Ashdown, Adviser
  • Andrew P. Malordy '15: Consumption Stereotyping, Materialism and Brand Engagement in a College Setting
    Emily Fisher, Adviser
  • Rachel N. Smith '15: Song Preference and Context Dependency: The Effects on Memory
    Michelle Rizzella, Adviser


  • Arianna C. White '14: Maya Dreams Big: An Examination of Children's Literature and its Effect on Personal Growth.
    Daniel Graham, Adviser


  • Brandon Campbell '13: Vygotsky in Context
    Brien Ashdown, Adviser
  • Nicholas D’Alberto '13: The Effect of Reward on Inhibitory Control: An Electrophysiological Study
    Jeffrey Greenspon, Adviser
  • Jordunn Joubert '13: Lexical Ambiguities: Using Context and Dominance of Meaning to Reduce the Subordinate Bias Effect
    Michelle Rizzella, Adviser


  • Michael Doane '11: Religion and Health: A Study Among Students in the Republic of Ireland
    Portia Dyrenforth, Adviser



The Psychology Club and Psi Chi are student-run organizations that may be of interest to students studying psychology.

For more information about these organizations or to learn about starting your own psychology-themed club, contact Kristen Tobey ( in the Office of Student Activities.



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