Neuroscience at HWS

Clover Quigley ’15 and Emily Janik ’16 study electrophysiological
responses of insect sensory and motor neurons along with Prof. Daniel
Graham in the Neurophysiology Teaching Laboratory in Gulick Hall.

Neuroscience is the study of brains and their components. The Department of Psychology offers many courses at introductory and advanced levels relevant for students interested in Neuroscience.  These courses generally examine large-scale human brain systems such as vision or cognition, drawing on concepts and approaches from the study of psychology, behavior, evolution, physiology, and the physical sciences.

All students interested in Neuroscience-related areas should take PSY 100 (or have scored a 4 or 5 on the AP/IB Psychology Exam), and Psy 210 (Statistics and Research Methods). In addition to the Psychology courses listed below, preparation in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics is strongly recommended, and is available from the respective departments.

Introductory Courses
PSY 230 Biopsychology
PSY 231 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 235 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 299 Sensation and Perception

Upper Level Seminars
PSY 309 Topics in Sensation and Perception
PSY 359 Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 375 Topics in Cognition
PSY 3XX Evolutionary Psychology (course under development)

Upper Level Laboratory-based Courses
PSY 310 Research in Sensation and Perception
PSY 311 Research in Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 331 Research in Cognition

Research Opportunities

Several laboratories in the Department of Psychology actively investigate Neuroscience-related areas, and have opportunities for student involvement, both during the semester and over the summer. Please contact the respective Psychology Department faculty members for further details about research opportunities.

Perception Laboratory
Psychology Faculty Member: Daniel Graham
Interests: Visual perception of the natural world, visual aesthetics, face perception, computational modeling of retinal and cortical systems.
Lab Website

Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory
Psychology Faculty Member: Jeffrey Greenspon
Interests: Auditory neuroscience, music perception, bird song.

Cognition Laboratory
Psychology Faculty Member: Michelle Rizzella
Interests: Language, discourse processing, false memories.

Neuroscience Facilities and Equipment

In Gulick Hall, the Department of Psychology maintains advanced laboratory facilities and equipment to study Neuroscience-related areas during class and as part of faculty research activities:

  • Neurophysiology Teaching Laboratory with electrophysiological recording apparatus, electronics bench, microscopes, and invertebrate vivarium.
  • Psychology-Dedicated iMac Computer Lab with specialized software including FantaMorph, Praat, SPSS, and Matlab.
  • Audiology testing facility with sound-attenuating chamber
  • Sound localization testing facility
  • Eye-tracking laboratory
  • Mental chronometry laboratory equipped with voice key, reaction time box, and specialized software
  • High-resolution imaging and audio recording equipment
  • Mobile Spectrophotometer (Photo Research PR-650) and Luminance Meter (Konica-Minolta LS-100)
  • Luminance- and Color-Calibrated Stimulus Displays



Please contact Professor Graham ( with any questions about Neuroscience at HWS.


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