Religious Studies

Beyond HWS

Many of our Religious Studies graduates have gone on to work in politics, government, business, journalism, nonprofit organizations and education. Our graduates have gone on to work for the following places, right after graduation:

Many of our majors go on to graduate school in journalism, education, theology, economics or politics, while other have gone on to earn Ph.D. or law degrees.

Columbia University
Duke University's Divinity School
Emory University
Loyola University School of Law
St. Xavier University
Syracuse University Law School
University of California - Berkeley
University of Chicago Divinity School
University of Connecticut
University of Michigan Law School
Yale Divinity School



Matthew Lyttle '06

Religious Studies major
Peace Corps, Nicaragua

Matthew Lyttle '06

"Two years after leaving HWS I joined the Peace Corps and was sent to the mountains of Nicaragua. I live on Nicaragua’s border with Honduras in a cowboy town called Somoto. My Religious Studies training plays a big role in my daily life as I watch Nicaragua transform from a predominately Catholic country into a mish-mosh of evangelical denominations. Religion is ingrained in Nicaraguan culture and plays a critical role in politics, even up here in the mountains."


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