Field Research

NYSSA Presenters

Chloe Sudduth ’17, Christopher Demas ’17 and Assistant
Professor of Sociology Ervin Kosta at the 2016 NYSSA

Sociology majors are encouraged to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom and participating in field research is a popular and useful educational component. Starting as early as the introductory courses, students are given opportunities to conduct field work through research methods classes and several electives. Sociology majors also have the option to do research within the senior practicum.

In addition to the opportunities presented through coursework, many students regularly participate in the Geneva Collaborative Internship program as well.

Here's a recent sampling of some of the research our students are doing:

ESS 2018

Julia Sipos '18, Lindsey Mulligan '18 and Jackie
Bange '19 present their original research on social
media at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Eastern
Sociological Society, Baltimore, Md., Feb. 23, 2018.
The students enrolled in SOC 401, Pro Present, in
Spring 2018 to extend and polish the research
projects they had begun the previous semester in
SOC 211, Research Methods.

Recent Presentations at Professional Conferences

2017 New York State Sociological Association (NYSSA)

  • Bolstering Women's Employment and Increasing Men's Care Work through Parental Leave Policy Reform, Alec Rhodes '18
  • Navigating the College Social Climate Based on Social Identities, Sasha Carey '18
  • Individual characteristics, academic and social satisfaction, and transfer risk, Dylan Morris '19

2016 NYSSA

2016 Engaged Scholarship Forum

2014 Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) Annual Meeting

Engaged Scholarship Forum

Associate Professor of Sociology Jim Sutton,
President Emeritus Mark D. Gearan, Morgan
Stevens '18, Titi Ufomata, and LAWNY Staff
Attorney Ashley Patronski at the 2016 Engaged
Scholarship Forum.

  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness vs. Peace, Order, and Good Governance, Jenn Abrams '14
  • "New Slaves" in White America: How Race, Class and Experience with Diversity Affect a Listener's Interpretation, Internalization and Response to Hip-hop and Rap, Aaron O'Brien '14

Recent Honors Projects

  • Chloe Sudduth '17, Adviser: Ervin Kosta
  • Karly Wagner '16, Adviser: Kendralin Freeman
  • Kathleen Kennedy '15, Adviser: Jack Harris
  • Jenn Abrams '14, Adviser: James Spates
  • Aaron O'Brien '14, Adviser: Renee Monson



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