2015-2016 COSTS

Our 2015-16 charges are as follows:

Tuition: $48,586
Room & Board: $12,583
Misc. Fees: $1,091
Total: $62,260

Books, supplies, and other personal expenses average $2,000 for the year. These estimated expenses vary by student.

More than 87% of HWS students receive some form of financial assistance.

2015-2016 COSTS

At Hobart and William Smith, we believe that the primary responsibility for financing a college education falls first on the student and his or her parents. Since your education will be more valuable to you if you are involved in paying for it, we expect all students to participate in financing their education. You'll take it more seriously, get more out of it and learn more from the experience if you take some ownership from the start.

We have a policy of admitting students on the basis of their overall potential and then assisting them as much as possible according to their need. When family resources don't meet college costs, we first ask families to seek additional resources from government and private programs.

There are a variety of student loans and private scholarships available from diverse sources. Your local library and high school guidance office are good references for this information.