Billing and payment options are handled by our Student Accounts Office (315-781-3343 or  Loans are processed by the Office of Financial Aid (315-781-3315 or  Click here to see a breakdown of our costs in detail. 

The Student Accounts Office will be mailing home fall semester bills in early July and spring semester bills in early December.  To assist with paying for education expenses, alternative financing options are available once you have enrolled for admission and each year thereafter.

First, We encourage you to consider our interest-free payment plan. The payment plan will be offering a five month plan for the fall term (July – November payments), and a five month plan for the spring term (December - April). Contract fees are $25 per term with no interest charged. Contract sign up will be available by early July for the fall five month payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions. The Colleges will be sending out more information over the summer regarding these Nelnet payment plans.

Payment plans may be used in place of or in combination with private and/or federal loans.  You may pay toward your plan by check or electronic payment from a bank account.  HWS does not accept credit card payments.  International students must have a U.S. bank account to make electronic payments.

Second, the federal government offers a Direct PLUS Loan parents can borrow for their dependent child’s college education.  A parent can request up to the cost of attendance minus any other financial aid the student is awarded.  The interest rate is fixed and a loan origination fee (rounded to the nearest dollar) is deducted prior to each disbursement to the student’s account.

The rate/fee has not yet been set for the 2016-2017 academic year.  However, for frame of reference, the 2015-2016 academic year interest rate is fixed at 6.84% and a loan origination fee of 4.272% is deducted prior to each disbursement.  (For example, on a $10,000 Direct PLUS Loan an origination fee of $427 is deducted and $9,573 is disbursed to the student’s HWS account.)

The standard repayment is 10 years but you can postpone repayment on your PLUS Loan until six months after your dependent leaves school or drops below half-time enrollment.  Here are instructions for the PLUS Loan application process.

Third, private education loans are available through private lenders and are not subsidized by the federal government.  Private loans are in the student’s name and require a credit-worthy co-borrower who may be a parent or any credit-worthy person willing to apply with the student.  General provisions for private education loans and our Preferred Lender List are online.

Lastly, Payment Options are available for review online here.
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Items worth noting:

  • Since the 2010-2011 academic year, the tuition, room and board charges have seen an average increase of 3.68% each year.  This is offset by the student’s increase in federal loan eligibility – maximum borrowing eligibility of $5,500 as first-year, $6,500 as sophomore, and $7,500 as junior and senior.
  • Work-study is not a guarantee of funds and is not applied to the student’s account.  Students must be proactive in finding/securing their own on-campus employment and will receive a bi-weekly paycheck for wages earned.  The option is available to have student employment wages re-directed to the student’s account, if preferred.
  • The ATMs we have on campus are Five Star, located in the Scandling Center, and Community Bank, located in the College Book Store.

Tuition Prepayment

The Colleges offer a Tuition Stabilization Plan for families who wish to prepay the entire college tuition expense for four years based on the first-year tuition rate. This plan is not for use by students receiving any financial aid.  The Office of Student Accounts will provide details upon request by calling (315) 781-3343.


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