The Pulteney St. Survey

Survey Covers

The Pulteney St. Survey is the official magazine of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. It is published three times a year by the Office of Communications and distributed to alumni, alumnae, faculty, and parents of current students.

The Pulteney St. Survey contains articles about people, events, policies, fundraising, sports and the history of the Colleges. It also includes classnotes, submitted by correspondents on behalf of each class of Hobart and William Smith individually.

Contacting Us

Change or Update Your Address: If you are an alum who has stopped receiving the Survey or you otherwise need to update your mailing address, contact our records department.

Submit News to Classnotes: If you have news about an alum-career advancement, marriage, offspring, death, or anything else of note-that you would like to submit to Classnotes, you can now do so online by contacting Kathy Killius Regan '82 (William Smith College) or Jared Weeden '91 (Hobart College). Classnotes can also be submitted via mail to Kathy Regan or Jared Weeden, 615 S. Main St., Geneva, NY 14456.

Classnotes Questions: If you need to know more about the content, mechanics, or policies regarding classnotes, you can e-mail Kathy Killius Regan '82 or Jared Weeden '91.

Send a Letter to the Editor: If you have reactions to, suggestions for, or questions about the articles and features appearing in any issue of The Pulteney St. Survey, contact the Office of Communications, 295 Pulteney St., Geneva, NY 14456.