PSS Spring '09 - The Houghton House Renaissance


Is it our beautiful campus nestled on the shores of Seneca Lake? Our commitment to an interdisciplinary curriculum that leads to a lifetime of intellectual agility? Is it our remarkable alums whose accomplishments astound?

Can it be found on the athletic fields? That feeling in the pit of your stomach before the big game? Cheering on your favorite team?

Is it our dedicated staff? Or our gifted faculty scholars who pour their hearts into the classroom? The remarkable abroad programs? Is it our commitment to service?

Why do we come back, year after year, decade after decade, to revisit the past and forge a new future…

Because we value difference... and making a difference

Left to right: Myles Hunt '11, Caroline Dosky '12, Dan DeNose '10 and Prabi Basent '09.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are more culturally varied and vibrant than ever before; on campus this year are students from nearly every state in America and from more than 25 countries, including Nepal, China, Russia, South Africa and Bulgaria. Whether born in America or abroad, HWS students are eager to learn about global issues. Nationally only 1% of college students study abroad, but at HWS more than 59% do so, each one bringing back to Geneva a new perspective on culture and difference. HWS students enthusiastically embrace difference in themselves and one another and extend that spirit of inclusivity by working together to create a vibrant learning environment. There are more than 70 clubs on campus for everything from Ultimate Frisbee to investments, public affairs, debate, tango and fencing.

Students also come together to make a difference in the Geneva community and the world. From spring break trips to aid cleanup efforts in New Orleans to athletes teaching reading and math skills to local children, they're being exposed to social, intellectual and cultural experiences that benefit them and the communities in which they learn.

With students from across the country and across the globe engaging in the classroom and the community, HWS students are well positioned to make their mark on the world. At HWS, that's what difference … and making a difference are all about.

Myles Hunt '11: Amherst, NY

Major: Arts and Education
Cause: Promoting Service
Involvement: As a member of Geneva Heroes, Myles works closely with local high and middle school students to make a difference in the Geneva community.
"Growing up, my community put a lot of emphasis on service, but I know that's not always the case. I want to inspire these students to make a difference."

Caroline Dosky '12: Trumbull, CT

Major: Undeclared, but accepted into the Education program
Cause: Eradicating Cancer
Involvement: Active in Relay for Life, this semester, she's raised more than $5,000, and an HWS Trustee will match her donation, doubling Caroline's impact.
"My father lived through colon cancer twice, and I lost my grandfather to cancer. Everyone knows someone who's had cancer. Through Relay for Life, I'm able to use my skill set to make a difference."

Dan DeNose '10: Newark, NJ

Major: Rhetoric of Leadership
Cause: Mentoring Youth
Involvement: As one of the founding members of Leaders of Tomorrow, Dan mentors local high school students, encouraging them to do more and be more.
"Throughout my life, a lot of people have recognized the potential in me and given me a chance. I want to pay it forward by giving back in whatever way I can."

Prabi Basnet '09: Kathmandu, Nepal

Major: Environmental Studies
Cause: Environmental Sustainability
Involvement: A member of the HWS Green Team, Prabi planted an organic garden on campus to promote eating local, organic food.
"I may have planted it, but it's everyone's garden. I believe that it's important to see where your food comes from."



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