One of the key components to Hobart and William Smith reunions is the reunion class gift. During the four years preceding a milestone reunion (5 years, 10 years etc,), and during the reunion year itself, classes make a special effort to raise funds and increase class participation. This is one way classes can support the Colleges in honor of their reunion. The highlight of a special reunion is an event when reunion classes report their percentage of participation and present President Gearan with a check for their class gift. All gifts for a class Reunion will be considered in support of Campaign for the Colleges.

The volunteers for each alumni and alumnae class set three fundraising goals and work with their classmates to achieve them:

  • Participation:
    The number of classmates who contribute a gift to the Colleges during their reunion year results in a percentage of participation that should be significantly higher than in non-reunion years.
  • Class Gift:
    The class gift is composed of the cumulative amount of money received by the Colleges during the five years leading to reunion weekend. For example, after a class celebrates a five-year reunion volunteers begin to build a class gift for their next 10 year reunion.
  • Single Year Achievement:
    This goal is the amount of money the class raises during the year building up to their reunion weekend. Alumni and alumnae understand that it is important to increase their giving during a reunion year and this dollar amount often drives the class gift and determines its success.

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Volunteers can make a difference through leadership and support of the reunion class gift. If you would like to help your class leave a reunion legacy, please contact Josh Foladare at



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If you have any questions about giving to the Colleges, or to give to a special designation, please contact Wendy Barnhart at (315) 781-3725 or

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