Office of Advancement

Bob O'Connor

Bob O'Connor

Vice President for Advancement
Phone: (315) 781-3535
E-mail: oconnor@hws.edu

Susan Watson

Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement
Phone: (315) 781-3508
E-mail: watson@hws.edu

Margaret Popper

Senior Advancement Editor
Phone: (315) 781-3745
E-mail: popper@hws.edu

Leadership Giving

Leila Rice

Leila Rice

Associate Vice President for Advancement
Phone: (315) 781-3545
E-mail: rice@hws.edu

Ben Foster

Benjamin Foster '95

Senior Director of Leadership Giving
Phone: (315) 781-3776
E-mail: foster@hws.edu

Sarah Gaffin

Sarah Gaffin '78

Senior Director of Leadership Giving and Wheeler Society
Phone: (315) 781-3714
E-mail: gaffin@hws.edu

Ruth Benedict

Ruth C. Benedict

Director of Leadership Giving/New England

Phone: (315) 781-3779
E-mail: benedict@hws.edu

Casey Peterson

Casey Peterson

Director of Leadership Giving

Phone: (315) 781-3701
E-mail: peterson@hws.edu

Lisa Genovese '03

Regional Advancement Officer
Phone: (315) 781-3762
Email: lgenovese@hws.edu

Bill Warder '96

Regional Advancement Officer
Phone: (315) 781-3729
Email: warder@hws.edu

Pat Genovese P'01 P'03 P'05 P'08

Regional Advancement Officer
Phone: (315) 781-3941
Email: genovese@hws.edu

Dulcie Meyer

Dulcie Meyer

Leadership Giving Manager
Phone: (315) 781-3082
E-mail: dmeyer@hws.edu

Kelly Young

Kelly Young P'16

Director of Parent Relations and Stewardship
Phone: (315) 781-3783
E-mail: KeYoung@hws.edu

Terri Milam

Stewardship Administrator
Phone: (315) 781-3740
Email: milam@hws.edu


M. Bond

Martha Bond

Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Phone: (315) 781-3780
E-mail: mbond@hws.edu

Karen Goulet

Grants Manager
Phone: (315) 781-3067
Email: goulet@hws.edu

Alumni and Alumnae Relations/Annual Giving

Kathy Regan

Kathy Killius Regan '82, P'13

Assistant Vice President for Advancement, Alumnae Relations and National Regional Network
Phone: (315) 781-3532
E-mail: Regan@hws.edu

Jared WEeden

Jared Weeden '91

Assistant Vice President for Advancement, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Phone: (315) 781-3782
E-mail: weeden@hws.edu

Josh Foladare

Director of the Annual Fund
Phone: (315) 781-4068
Email: foladare@hws.edu

Kristi Augenblick

Kristi Augenblick '12

Assistant Director of the Annual Fund, HWS Connect and Stewardson Society Advisor
Phone: (315) 781-4069
E-mail: augenblick@hws.edu

Caroline Whelan

Caroline Whelan

Assistant Director of the Annual Fund, Graduates of the Last Decade Liaison and Stewardson Society Advisor
Phone: (315) 781-3775
E-mail: whelan@hws.edu

Jerry Fisk

Jerry Fisk

Associate Director for Affinity Engagement
Phone: (315) 781-3786
E-Mail: jfisk@hws.edu

Kirsten Burrall

Assistant Director for Regional Programming
Phone: (315) 781-3721
E-mail: burrall@hws.edu

Mary-Ann Rolfe

Assistant Director for Campus Initiatives
Phone: (315) 781-3774
E-mail: rolfe@hws.edu

Matt Campbell '12

Assistant Director, Regional Engagement, Tri-state
Phone: (315) 781-4079
E-mail: mcampbell@hws.edu

Corey McClintock '12

Assistant Director, Regional Engagement, New England
Phone: (315) 781-3915
E-mail: mcclintock@hws.edu

Brittany Reeland '13

Online Communications Coordinator
Phone: (315) 781-3530
E-mail: breeland@hws.edu

Rebecca Frank

Administrative Support Assistant, Alumni Relations
Phone: (315) 781-3772
E-mail: frank@hws.edu

Betty Merkle

Administrative Support Assistant, Alumnae Relations
Phone: (315) 781-3771
E-mail: merkle@hws.edu

Tina McCoy

Annual Giving Assistant
Phone: (315) 781-3534
Email: mccoy@hws.edu

Advancement Services

Karen Ilacqua Reuscher '88

Director of Advancement Services
Phone: (315) 781-3722
E-mail: reuscher@hws.edu

Nicole Gillotti Trickler

Associate Director of Advancement Services
Phone: (315) 781-3723
E-mail: trickler@hws.edu

Larry Knapp

Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Phone: (315) 781-3739
E-mail: knapp@hws.edu

Jeff DeVaney '93

Advancement Services Systems Analyst
Phone: (315) 781-3724
E-mail: jdevaney@hws.edu

Wendy Barnhart

Gift Accounting and Acknowledgement Administrator
Phone: (315) 781-3725
E-mail: barnhart@hws.edu

Dawn Chambry

Acknowledgement Coordinator and Prospect Researcher
Phone: (315) 781-3079
E-mail: chambry@hws.edu

Tracey Nigro

Senior Prospect Research Specialist
Phone: (315) 781-3957
E-mail: nigro@hws.edu

Carol Meiggs P'13

Constituent Records Administrator
Phone: (315) 781-3054
E-mail: meiggs@hws.edu