German Film Series: "Evet, Ja ich will!"

Date : Wednesday, 27 March 2013
Time : 6:00 pm.
Location : Intercultural Affairs Center
Category : On-Campus Events

On Wednesday, March 27, the German Area Studies' film series will screen the 2008 film "Evet, Ja ich will!" at 6 p.m. in the Intercultural Affairs Center, located at 288 Pulteney St.

The movie Evet, ja ich will tells the story of four different couples who live in the multicultural setting of Berlin and have to overcome the cultural obstacles: the Turkish Emrah is in love with the German Tim, the curd Coşkun loves the Turkish Alevitin Günay and Dirk loves against the will of his parents the Turkish Özlem. Besides that the Turkish Salih is in love with nobody, but should marry someone in Germany in order to stay there. The movie illustrates the numerous turbulence of the lovers and cultural differences that the German and Turkish community has to face.