When does IT send a bulletin?

IT Services is changing how we send bulletins to the campus. We're trying to consolidate our planned maintenance bulletins, so that the majority of bulletins sent will be of immediate relevance to the recipients. We're also standardizing the subject lines of bulletin e-mails, so recipients can see the issue at a glance.

A general outline of the process is below.

Standarized Short E-mail Subject Lines

All bulletins fall under one of the following four categories, which will be included in the e-mail subject line:

  • Security Alert
  • Technology Service Alert
  • Announcement
  • Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Of the four categories, Planned Maintenance is the only one where we can predict and plan for outages associated with maintenance. We will send four consolidated bulletins corresponding with the calendar: fall, winter, spring, summer. "Fall" will be sent late August, "winter" will be sent late November, "spring" will be sent in early February, and "summer" will be sent in early May.

These bulletins will contain planned maintenance for the coming semester time and will refer to the Planned Maintenance calendar page.

Unplanned Outages, Alerts, or Announcements

The remaining three categories refer to unplanned events, such as extra maintenance (Technology Service Alert), breaches or potential concerns with phishing, viruses, etc. (Security Alert), or other pertinent information (Announcement).

These bulletins will have short subject lines, such as "Security Alert: Virus," and contain concise details about the unplanned event. Announcements will be sent to the most appropriate audience as much as possible. Technology Alerts for unplanned outages and maintenance may be followed by Service Restored bulletins.

Planned Bulletin Calendar

Below is the calendar of planned bulletins, including maintenance and other announcements.

Planned Bulletins 2015-2016 Academic Year
Month Approx. Date Bulletin Type Recipient
September 1st week planned maintenance all network users
December 12/2 Canvas course sites created faculty only
  1st week planned maintenance all network users
  12/10 Mail forwarding students only
  12/12 Technology for final exams faculty only
April 4th week Canvas course sites faculty only
May 1st week planned maintenance all network users
  2nd week Mail forwarding students only
  2nd week Technology for final exams faculty only



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