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Spring Student Mailbox List
IT Services has released the spring student mailbox list.

Innovative Classrooms Inaugural Semester
In Spring 2014, the FacIT Committee launched a collaborative Innovative Classrooms Initiative to facilitate upgrading campus spaces with furniture and technology to enhance face-to-face student learning.

Security and Virus Protection
IT Services presents a new web site section focusing on security and virus protection. Use the Security link in the menu on the left to find out more about phishing and electronic scams, being safe when using social network sites, and keeping your password, your computer and its software secure.

Innovative Digital Pedagogies Collaboration
Eleven curricular-development projects, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, are being overseen by a collaboration of the Office of the Provost and the Digital Learning Team. The funded projects are designed to explore digital pedagogies and new technologies that have potential to enhance student learning within the context of the face-to-face learning that is at the core of our liberal arts pedagogy.