August 21, 2006


Dear Faculty, Students and Staff,

I am pleased to announce that we are preparing to launch a major initiative to implement a 21st century Enterprise Information System that will provide the various constituents of the Colleges with information tools and processes that support a broad set of mission critical operations. These key strategic areas include Recruitment, Admissions, Registration, Student Advising, Financial Operations and Human Resources Management.

Our Enterprise Information Systems Program will also take an in-depth look at our current processes and procedures to identify opportunities to improve overall operational service delivery. HWS has the unique opportunity to rethink how our operations are conducted and we have begun the transition toward better serving the Colleges’ constituents. As I mentioned in my remarks at Convocation last year, this project is a key institutional initiative that we must complete in support of HWS 2010.

The largest component of the Enterprise Information Systems Program will be the complete replacement of our student, financial and human resources systems. These systems will be replaced by an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software suite that will process and organize the many transactions that take place on our campus every day. You will be learning more about ERP in upcoming communications and on the project web site. I encourage you to review these updates and I trust you will not hesitate to raise any questions or concerns.

We need everyone at HWS to participate and support this important effort. Over the span of the next few years, teams of employees and faculty will assist in the planning and implementation of new or enhanced processes and systems. This is a major undertaking, and we are committed to helping everyone through the transition with the necessary tools, resources and training to be successful.

Over the past twelve months, critical planning milestones have already been completed in the early stages of this project. I encourage you to browse the project web pages to see the progress we’ve made to date.

As this project will impact people and processes across the institution, I have asked Sandy Bissell, director of human resources, to lead the effort to communicate the progress and details of the project as well as address your concerns and questions.

Our future as a 21st century campus depends, to a certain degree, on our investment and completion of the Enterprise Information Systems Program. This will be a major undertaking that will require everyone to work for its success. It has my full support as well as the endorsement of our Board of Trustees. I hope we have your support as well and I look forward to working with you to advance Hobart and William Smith in this critical area.




If you have questions or comments about the Enterprise Information System, contact HWS Program Manager Marie Benesh.


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