Milestone Annoucements

Campus Solutions - Returning Students Drop/Add

September 2008





Upcoming Milestones

HCM - Employee Self Service, Benefits Administration, E-Recruit

November 2008

Finance - Cashier

November 2008

Campus Solutions - Academic Advising, Grading and Open Registration

November 2008

Completed Milestones

HR/Benefits/Payroll/Time & Labor Go Live

June 2008

Student Financials Billing Go Live

July 2008

Finance/General Ledger/Purchasing/Commitment Control/Accounts Payable Go Live

June 2008

1st Year Student Registration Go Live

June 2008

HR/Benefits/Payroll/Time & Labor Parallel Testing

May 2008

Registration Holds Processed

April 2008

Launched Campus Solutions - Pre-Registration

March 31, 2008

Launched Student Financials – Course/Class Management

Jan. 28, 2008

Launched Student Financials – Deposits

Jan. 8, 2008

On-Campus Training Facility Opens

Dec. 10, 2007

Launched EPM

Dec. 6, 2007

Launched CRM/Campus Solutions Admissions

Nov. 6, 2007

Launched PeopleSoft Portal

Nov. 6, 2007

Production Environments Installation

Sept. 2007

Admissions/CRM Test Phase

Sept. 2007

Finance Design Phase Initiated

June 2007

Chart of Accounts Design Phase Initiated

May 2007

Student Financials Design Phase Initiated

May 2007

Development Environments Implemented

April 2007

HR Design Phase Initiated

April 2007

Campus Solutions Design Phase Initiated

March 2007

CRM Design Phase Initiated

Feb. 2007

Project Implementation Team Training Initiated

Jan. 2007

Full Implementation Plan Complete

Jan. 2007

Contract Finalized with Oracle PeopleSoft

Dec. 2006

Board Approves Full Implementation of EIS Project

Nov. 2006

Enterprise Software Vendor Selected (Oracle/PeopleSoft)

Sept. 2006

Completed requirements gathering and released EIS Vendor RFP

June 2006

Enterprise Information System Vendor Selection Process Begins

April 2006

Implementation Partner (BearingPoint) Selected

Feb. 2006

Executive Steering Committee and Operations Committee Established

Nov. 2005

Implementation Partner RFP Released

Oct. 2005

President Gearan identifies Enterprise Project as key institutional initiative at Convocation address

Aug. 2005

Program Manager retained

Aug. 2005

Board of Trustees approves initiation of Enterprise Information Systems Program

May 2005


If you have questions or comments about the Enterprise Information System, contact HWS Program Manager Marie Benesh.


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