Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance provides coverage for death resulting from accidental means. It does not provide benefits for death resulting from illness or natural causes. Dismemberment benefits generally cover permanent loss of a body member or function or loss of use of a body member or function.

Basic AD&D

The Colleges provide accidental death and dismemberment coverage for all employees enrolled in the basic life insurance plan. Coverage is equal to the total amount of basic life insurance coverage on the employee.

In the case of death due to an accident, the beneficiary receives an amount equal to the employee's basic life insurance coverage. This payment is in addition to payment under the life insurance policy. Payment to the employee for dismemberment varies based on the nature of the injury.

Designation of Beneficiary: The Office of Human Resources maintains the enrollment information for life insurance including beneficiary information. It is a good practice to periodically check your designation so that it is current.

Voluntary AD&D

Additionally, the Colleges make available a contributory accidental death and dismemberment policy. Participation in this plan is voluntary. Coverage is effective the first of the month following enrollment. Enrollment must be completed within 30 days of the date of hire or during open enrollment.

Coverage for the employee may be purchased in set amounts up to a maximum of $450,000 for accidental death or dismemberment.

Coverage is also available, at an additional cost, for spouse and dependents. Spouse coverage may be purchased for 100% or 60% of the employee's policy. Coverage for dependents is 20% of the employee's policy, up to a maximum of $50,000 per child.

In the case of accidental death, the face value of the supplemental policy will be paid to the designated beneficiary. Such benefits are in addition to the basic life insurance, the supplementary life insurance (if purchased), and the accidental death and dismemberment plan benefits provided by the Colleges.

An open enrollment period is held once each year, usually in the fall, during which the employee may enroll or change the previous election.



The benefits listed at left are provided through coverage under a group insurance policy. For further details of this coverage, refer to the Summary Plan Description or to the Office of Human Resources.