Long-term Care Insurance helps protect you and your family from the catastrophic costs associated with long-term care services, without depleting your hard-earned retirement savings or investments.

Long-term care includes a wide range of services provided to people who need ongoing help with routine daily activities. Even though people age 65 and over are more likely candidates than younger people, anyone may need long-term care. For the elderly, care is usually required as a result of the effects of aging, either because they become physically unable to carry out everyday activities or because they experience cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease. For others, long-term care may be needed because of chronic disease or while recuperating from an accident or serious illness.


This optional program is available to faculty, staff, retirees, spouses, domestic partners, parents, and parents-in-law between the ages of 18 and 84 through MetLife.

If you are a full-time, actively-at-work employee under the age of 75, you are eligible to participate in this plan without full medical underwriting (referred to as simplified underwriting) if you apply upon your initial employment with the Colleges. After this event, you can apply for this program, but must pass a medical screening.


An enrollment packet will be given to you during your employment orientation which will contain the special simplified underwriting application.


This plan is a voluntary plan - you pay the full cost. Depending on your state of residence, all eligible individuals who participate in this long-term care insurance program will pay discounted premium rates. Discounted rates through the Colleges are more advantageous than purchasing the insurance directly from Upromise.

All premium rates are based on the individual's age at the time of the policy issuance and the various options selected. After receiving your application, Upromise will contact you with premium information.

The Colleges will provide the convenient payment option of payroll deduction for participants.

Following Employment Termination

If you should terminate your employment with the Colleges for any reason, your policy is an individual policy that may be taken with you.



The above benefits are provided through coverage under a group insurance policy. For further details of this coverage, refer to the Summary Plan Description or to the Office of Human Resources.


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