Under Federal Law, many people covered under group health plans have the opportunity for temporary extension of health coverage (called "continuation coverage") at group rates, in certain instances where coverage would otherwise end.

If continuation of coverage is chosen, the participant will receive coverage identical to coverage provided

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) and many state laws have rules giving employees and their covered dependents the right to continue coverage after they leave the group (termination of employment, reduction of hours, layoff, divorce, legal separation, death and/or disability), and then convert to individual policies. COBRA applies to hospital, medical, surgical, dental, prescription drug, hearing and vision group insurance plans.

Medical and/or Dental Insurance Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Million, Blue Point 2, Blue Choice Hi-Option, Blue Choice Select, Blue Choice Plus, Blue Choice Value and Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental plans may be continued for a period of 18 months (employees) as long as the monthly premium plus a 2% administrative fee is paid to the provider. The departing employee has 60 days from the date of notification to elect this coverage.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

The above also applies.

Note: Any individual participating with COBRA coverage is eligible to change coverage during the Colleges' annual benefits open enrollment in order to change their plan (example: Blue Choice Hi-Option to Blue Choice Select).

Group Term Life Insurance

Conversion (changing your current term insurance policy to an individual whole life insurance policy) for basic life and portability options for supplemental life insurance programs are available. Election must be made within 31 days following separation of employment.

Short Term Disability

If your disability begins during the first four weeks of unemployment, your claim will be paid through the Colleges' insurance company, if you are eligible. If your disability begins after the first four weeks of unemployment, your claim will be paid by the Special Fund administered by the Chairwoman, Workers' Compensation Board, if you are eligible.

Long Term Disability Insurance

No continuation coverage available.

Tuition Benefits

Refer to Termination of Tuition Benefits.


If you have questions about terminiation of benefits, pleasr contact the Office of Human Resources.


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