The Colleges provide a contributory Vision plan through Guardian.

Summary of Benefits

Guardian Vision Enrollment Form

Guardian Vision Claim

You can pick any licensed dentist in their network or you can go outside the Guardian network. Either way, you'll enjoy no referrals and no need to choose a primary care dentist!

In-network or out? The choice is yours each time you need care. To save more, visit a network vision provider. You will typically pay more if you visit an eye center outside the network.

Log on to Guardian's provider search directory at to select a participating provider. Or you can call the Members Services number listed on your Guardian card.

Employees must enroll within 30 days of their date of hire or a qualified change in family status. Coverage is effective the first of the month following the later of the date of hire or the completion of the enrollment forms.

Make the most of your Vision-insurance plan benefits

Please utilize the Guardian Member Website to:

  • Review who's covered on your plan
  • Find a dentist who participates in your network
  • Compare in- and out-of-networks cost for the most common procedures before your visit.
  • Link to health information online.
  • Communicate with Member Services

Other information:

An open enrollment period is held once each year, usually in the fall, during which employees may enroll or change coverage with no restrictions.

Upon termination of employment, options for continuing coverage will be offered in accordance with federal regulations.

For further details, contact Human Resources at ext. 3312.


The benefit plans summarized on these web pages are guidelines only. Every effort has been made to make these descriptions as brief, accurate and easy to understand as possible. Therefore, all details may not be described here. If there is a difference between the information in this publication and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will govern. In addition, the Colleges retain the right to supplement, modify, amend or eliminate benefit policies and plans. For more specific information, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


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