Job Title: City of Geneva GIS Intern


Fall 2012
Total Positions Available
Job Location
Finger Lakes Institute
Lisa Cleckner, Director
Other Timesheet Designee
$10.00 per hour
Start Date
End Date
Hours Per Week
10 hours per week


Spatial technology and application has grown exponentially around the world alongside other technological innovations. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) now permeates a broad spectrum of subjects extending well beyond traditional geographical fields impacting disciplines ranging from business to law and engineering to architecture. GIS software has the capacity to relate different types of data such as socioeconomic, demographic, administrative or political boundaries, land use, land cover, environmental, infrastructure, and transportation. The City of Geneva GIS Intern will assist City of Geneva engineering activities through data collection, data entry and mapping activities in order to accurately map and inventory the City's infrastructure. This position combines field work surveying utility infrastructure with office work using ESRI ArcGIS software. Data collected may be related to all manner of infrastructure management. This will involve outdoor, light physical labor as well as work indoors to update existing datasets with newly collected/created spatial data. Data collection and creation will be conducted under the direct supervision of City of Geneva staff, as identified by current database update needs.

The main project for the Fall 2012 semester will be the creation of a digital version of the current paper copy zoning map. This will involve baasic map interpretation, written survey detail interpretation, basic digitization and possibly the collection and addition of field-collected GPS to create from existing paper datasets digital layers in the City. The intern will modify existing datasets with editing tools and/or geoprocessing tools as needed to collect spatial data. Under direct supervision and independently work with full-time employees to update existing spatial data sets to work with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) data collection equipment to update various locations of various utility and infrastructure related City of Geneva GIS layers. The intern will update existing GIPS database layers with GPS-collected and other updated spatial data. The intern will also gather and integrate spatial data from the field and determine how best to display the information using GIS. This position may perform other GIS/GPS related duties and/or assignments as required.

Special Skills Needed:

Knowledge of current versions of Windows Microsoft Office products (Word and Excel); basic knowledge and awareness of Spatial/GIS concepts; ability to read and research spatial information such as plans, drawings and survey/field notes; critical thinking and problem solving; willingness to learn new skills; work independently to accomplish stated data collection and update goals; excellent written and verbal communication skills.



Step 1:

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Lisa Cleckner at cleckner@hws.edu. An interview will be required.

Step 2:

Students must be authorized to work any job on campus by completing the Form I-9 and tax withholding forms. Please contact Human Resources at ext. 3312 or by email jhughes@hws.edu to ensure that your forms are complete.


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