Job Title: Urban Forest Inventory Intern


Fall 2013
Total Positions Available
Job Location
Finger Lakes Institute, 601 S. Main Street
Sarah Meyer, Community Outreach Coordinator
Other Timesheet Designee
Lisa Cleckner, Director
$10.00 per hour
Start Date
End Date
Hours Per Week
10 hours per week


In April 2012 Hobart & William Smith Colleges became a designated Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus USA. It is the effort of the HWS Tree Campus Advisory Committee to engage students in opportunities related to urban and community forestry. The Fall 2012-Spring 2013 HWS Urban Forest Inventory Intern conducted a continuation of the 2009 HWS Campus Tree Inventory specifically near Houghton House and other areas of campus totally approximately 250 trees added to the inventory. The Fall 2013 student will continue this work by using a handheld GPS unit to locate and map trees in an effort to take inventory of tree location, type, condition, coverage, etc. It will be the responsibility of the intern to gather tree data and potentially create GIS maps and photographs of the campus trees for inclusion into the final paper/map and presentation. In an effort to further our understanding of the carbon sequestration capabilities of campus trees, the intern will focus their investigation on the application of the US Forest Service iTree software as an analysis tool. Efforts of the intern are significant to the continuing progress made by the HWS Heritage of Trees Program, HWS Tree Care Plan, and education by science departments, the Sustainable Food Club, and the carbon sequestration rates for the HWS Sustainability Office. While in the position, the HWS Urban Forest Inventory Intern will be expected to attend at least 1 City of Geneva Shade Tree Committee Meeting; become the HWS student representative on the HWS Tree Campus Advisory Committee and attend bimonthly meetings; assist with steps taken in obtaining Tree Campus designation; write three 600-900 word articles for submission to the HWS Herald, Urban Forestry webpage, FLI Happenings newsletter and/or Finger Lakes Times; and meet biweekly with project staff for progress reporting.

Special Skills Needed:

The applicant must be an HWS student having familiarity and experience with using Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems for tree inventory; skill in using Excel for data analysis; an interest in urban forestry, dendrology, carbon sequestration, tree identification, landscape architecture, and/or envrionmental sciences.



Step 1:

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Sarah Meyer, FLI Community Outreach Coordinator at smeyer@hws.edu.

Step 2:

Students must be authorized to work any job on campus by completing the Form I-9 and tax withholding forms. Please contact Human Resources at ext. 3312 or by email jhughes@hws.edu to ensure that your forms are complete.


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