2013-2014 Pay Date Schedule (Fridays)

December 6

March 14

June 20

September 26

December 20

March 28

July 4

October 10

January 3

April 11

July 18

October 24

January 17

April 25

August 1

November 7

January 31 *

May 9

August 15

November 21

February 14

May 23

August 29 *

December 5

February 28

June 6

September 12

December 19

* Medical, dental, vision and supplemental life insurance premiums will not be deducted in this payroll.

The Direct Deposit Advantage

With electronic payroll processing, the Colleges can make a direct deposit of an employee's payroll to any financial institution that accepts Automatic Clearing Hours (ACH) transactions. Payroll checks can be directly deposited into the employee's checking or savings account on the scheduled pay day.

Direct deposit offers advantages to employees. It's safe, reliable and convenient. You may have up to two direct deposits at one time. The major benefit of direct deposit is that you receive waived service charges and, in most cases, no minimum balance requirements for checking accounts.

Sign up is available at any time. A copy of a voided check will be required with your enrollment. Please stop by, e-mail or call the Payroll Office at ext. 3342 for more information.



Wages earned are paid on a biweekly basis. In most cases, employee contributions for benefits are taken out of 24 paychecks per year (or two paychecks per month). Employee contributions for retirement savings plans, flexible spending accounts and bank savings plans are deducted from each pay.