Members of the faculty for over 16 years, Political Science Associate Professor DeWayne Lucas was appointed Interim Provost of the Colleges, and Geoscience Professor Nan Crystal Arens was appointed Senior Dean of the Faculty by President Gregory J. Vincent ’83.

DeWayne Lucas

Interim Provost

As the chief academic officer, Provost Lucas is the primary contract for curriculum, academic support, and endowment and grant management. In this role, Lucas supervises the academic support offices and centers of the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs; works with the Committee on Academic Affairs and departments/programs on curricular management and operations; and oversees grants and endowments for the Office. He is responsible for supporting the curriculum, providing academic resources for faculty and students, and overseeing the academic mission of the Colleges. Provost Lucas is a tenured member and Associate Professor of the Political Science Department and has been at the Colleges since 2000.

Nan Crystal Arens

Senior Dean of Faculty

Working with the Committee on the Faculty, Senior Dean of Faculty Arens is responsible for faculty development programs, research support, hiring and reviews, workplace and personnel issues, and department/program operations as they relate to the faculty. As the dean of faculty, she is responsible for ensuring the faculty are properly supported in their teaching and scholarly roles, departments/programs, and across campus in their delivery of an effective curriculum. Senior Dean Arens is a tenured member and Professor of the Geoscience Department and has been at the Colleges since 2001.

Missy Weaver

Assistant to the Provost for Faculty Support

As the Assistant Provost for Faculty Support, Weaver supports the Provost and the Senior Dean on faculty personnel matters, including the maintenance of faculty compensation, planning, and budgeting. She also maintains official records on the faculty including hiring, tenure and promotion, emeriti status, community service, faculty salaries, faculty bylaws, and sabbatical and leave requests as well as coordinates materials for staffing plans and enrollment management. Weaver has been at the Colleges since 2007.

Kenda Furgeson

Assistant to the Provost

As the Assistant to the Provost, Furgeson is responsible for the instructional budget including faculty travel and research grants and for course evaluations for First Year Seminars and the Bidisciplinary Programs. She serves as the office manager and scheduler for the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs, supervises the Academic Department Coordinators, and assists the Provost with endowment and grant management.


Constituent Offices of OAFA


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2016-17 Faculty Prize Recipients

Faculty Prize in Teaching:

Scott Brophy, Philosophy

Faculty Prize in Scholarship:

Matt Kadane, History

Faculty Prize in Community Service:

Hannah Dickinson, Writing and Rhetoric


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