Upcoming Milestones

Card Access Construction Continues
- Medbery Hall - in progress
- Jackson Hall - starting 9/24/2014
- Potter Hall
- Rees Hall
- Geneva Hall

Fall Semester 2014

Off-Campus Use Pilot

Fall Semester 2014

Completed Milestones

Off-Campus Contract Signed

July 2014

Card Access Contruction
- Bartlett Hall
- Hale Hall
- Durfee Hall
- deCordova Hall

Fall 2014

Card Access Contruction
- deCordova Hall
- Emerson Hall
- Caird Hall
- McCormick House
- Comstock Hall
- Miller House
- Blackwell House
- Hirshson Hall
- Sherrill Hall

Summer 2014

Card Access Pilot - deCordova Hall

April 2014

CSGold Dining System Go Live

January 2014

OneCard Vendor Contract Signed

November 2013

Final Vendor Selection Made

August 2013

Board Approves Implementation of OneCard

April 2013

Hobart and William Smith Student Governments identify OneCard as their top priority

December 2012

Initial Project Recommendation Made to Board of Trustees

April 2010

Project Cost Analysis Completed

February 2010

Initial Vendor Presentations Completed

November 2009

OneCard RFP Released

September 2009

OneCard Student Survey Conducted

April 2009

Completed requirements gathering

March 2009

OneCard Project Team Initiated

September 2008

OneCard Concept Discussion Begins

May 2008


If you have questions or comments about the OneCard project, contact Project Program Manager Jeremy Trumble.

Students with questions or comments about the OneCard project can contact Student Government here.


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