HEAR: Hobart for Equality and Respect

Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault was founded by Gennady Julien - a member of the Class of 2013 - and a few of his friends during their sophomore year. Each of the founding members had people in their lives that had been victims of sexual assault. They wanted to utilize their shared experiences to bring awareness to the HWS community. The group&aposs greatest accomplishment so far has been the introduction of the "Don&apost Be That Guy" poster campaign on campus.

Mission Statement:The purpose of Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault is to provide Hobart Men with an avenue to speak out against and help prevent rape while also working to support survivors of the crime. M.A.R.S. is also meant as a safe space for men to discuss issues of Gender and Masculinity both in and out of the context of Rape and Sexual Assault.

meeting:Thursdays 8pm, Creedon Room

Contact Tyler Steving, if you would like to receive further information about meeting times and upcoming events.

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