A full service women's health care clinic is available in Hubbs Health Center daily. The clinic addresses women's health concerns, including preventive care, gynecological care and treatment.

The health center has a formulary for commonly prescribed medications. Medications are dispensed directly to the students by the staff. These medications are generic and low-cost. Payments for medications and supplies are billed to the term bill for each student.

Necessary medications not available from the formulary can be provided through prescription. Students should be aware of any insurance prescription coverage available through private insurance coverage. Local pharmacies are within walking distance of the campus and shuttles are available through Campus Safety.

Private practice physicians in Geneva readily provide consultative service to students referred by the health center. In event of a referral, the primary insurance coverage is provided by a student's personal insurance plan. Secondary coverage is provided by the HWS student health plan, which is provided through the annual required health fee.

An inpatient observation is available at the health center for students too ill to return to their residences during regular clinic hours and Geneva General Hospital is nearby for emergency room services after hours


The health center has contracts with several pharmaceutical companies to provide contraceptives and emergency contraceptives at low institutional rates to female students.

To participate in this service a student must have a current pap smear on record in the clinic. Pap smears need to be renewed annually. A copy of a current pap smear from another clinic will be accepted with proof of a prescription for oral contraceptives.

An appointment for women's clinic can be made through the health center for pap and pelvic exams and contraceptive advice and prescription.

Emergency contraception is also available through the health center. Patients are advised to come in as soon as possible and must be seen within 72 hours. The process is confidential. There is a nominal fee for service. Complete information is provided through the clinic and informed consent is required.

Contraceptive medications are sold at the health center from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.


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