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LGBTQ and Allies initiative

Mission Statement

The LGBTQ & Allies group is composed of faculty and staff who are working toward improving the campus culture around LGBTQ issues. The goal is to increase support and awareness for the LGBTQ community in hopes of creating a more inclusive environment.


Spring 2018
Fall 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Fall 2014
Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Spring 2013


Christopher Annear, Anthropology Department
Nan Arens, Geoscience Department
Geoffrey Babbitt, English and Comparative Literature
Eugen Baer, Hobart Deans
Stefan Baer, Library
Eric Barnes, Philosophy Department
Michelle Baron, Women’s Studies Department
Tallie Ben Daniel, LGBT Studies
Sandra Bissell, Human Resources
Juliet Boisselle, Digital Learning Center
James Burruto, Higher Education Opportunities
Sam Cappiello, Writing and Rhetoric
Chip Capraro, Hobart Deans
Sigrid Carle, Biology Department
Elizabeth Carroll, Center for Counseling and Student Wellness
Rob Carson, English and Comparative Literature
Martin Corbett, Campus Safety
Kathryn Cowles, English Department
Chiyo Crawford, Environmental Studies
Anna Creadick, English and Comparative Literature
Donna Davenport, Dance/Art and Education Departments
Christine de Denus, Provost's Office
Kevin Dunn, Political Science Department
Brandi Ferrara, Career Services
Jerry Fisk, Advancement
Ethan Fogg, Center for the Finger Lakes
Chad Freeman, Residential Education
Kendralin Freeman, Anthropology Department
Karen Frost Arnold, Philosophy Department
Karen Goulet, Office of Grants
Daniel Graham, Psychology Department
Sara Greenleaf, Library
Valerie Gunter, William Smith Deans
Bill Hastings, Campus Safety
Jessica Hayes-Conroy, Women’s Studies Department
Clifton Hood, History Department
Alla Ivanchikova, English Department
Lisa Kaenzig, William Smith Deans
Erica King, Mathematics and Computer Science
Kim Kochin, Student Activities
Shelly Lear, Center for Counseling and Student Wellness
Brenda Maiale, Anthropology Department
David Mapstone, Hobart Deans
Ashwin Manthripragada, German Studies Department
Jessie Marullo-Stamp, Student Activities
Heather May, Theatre Department
James McCorkle, Africana Studies Department
Suzanne McNally, William Smith Deans
Jo Beth Mertens, Economics
Justin Miller, Chemistry Department
Alejandra Molina, Intercultural Affairs
Margueritte Murphy, Writing and Rhetoric Department
Jennifer Nace, Library
Beth Newell, Biology Department
Tempe Newson, Advancement
Joshua Nollenberg, Physics Department
Eric Patterson, English/American Studies Departments
John Peltz, Psychology Department
Stacey Pierce, Residential Education
Susan Pliner, Centennial Center for Leadership/Center for Teaching and Learning
Darline Polanco, Intercultural Affairs
Lynn Quinn, William Smith Athletics
Benjamin Ristow, Writing and Rhetoric Department
Naomi Rodriguez, Education Department
Jason Rodriguez, Anthropology Department
Chris Sauter, Dance Department
Sally Scatton, William Smith Athletics
Richard Schoonerman, Campus Safety
Michael Siembor, Center for Counseling and Student Wellness
David Silver, Center for Teaching and Learning
April Sizemore-Barber, Economics Department
Deb Steward, William Smith Athletics
Charles Temple, Education Department
Jennifer Tessendorf, Economics Department
Roberta Truscello, Office of Sponsored Programs
Jeffrey VanLone, Student Affairs
Jennifer Webb, Digital Learning Center
Jared Weeden, Advancement
Lorinda Weinstock, Religious Life
Maggie Werner, Writing and Rhetoric Department
Cadence Whittier, Dance Department
Aliceann Wilber, William Smith Athletics


Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.