Community Service HOUSE


To serve as a space where those interested in community service, service-learning and civic engagement can unite to share ideas and work together on projects that benefit the public good. The house will also serve as a location where students, faculty, staff, classes and campus organizations can come together for events that seek to promote active citizenship through public service, learning about others, understanding diversity, and promoting unity and community spirit.

The building is home to 18 students, who have access to three lounges, a TV room, industrial kitchen and laundry facilities. Each room is equipped with full telephone, cable and Internet access.

Residence Requirements

  • Participate in a minimum of 3 hours of volunteer service per week.
  • Students accepted to live in the house will be part of a partial co-op in order to prepare one meal per week as a house.



Meal Option: Partial Co-op

Window Treatment: Pull-down Shades (white)

Bed style: Standard twin. Students over 6'3" may request extra long beds.


Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.