Geneva Hall is home to 50 Hobart students in doubles and singles. The residence is located on South Main Street, directly across from Seneca Lake, on the outer edge of the Hobart Quad.

The building has laundry and a bathroom on each floor. All of the rooms are equipped with full cable and computer/Internet access.

Geneva Hall, built in 1822, was the first building at Hobart College. It was named after the city of Geneva because of the citizens’ support of the College when it was founded.


Roommates study in a double-style room.


Room dimensions: 8’3”x 13’

Bedroom floor color: White tile-1st floor, Blue carpet-2nd & 3rd floors

Window size: 2’6”x 5’

Window treatment: Pull-down shades (white)

Bed style: Standard twin (39”x 75”) loftable unit. Students over 6’3” tall may request extra-long beds.


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