On-Campus Housing Selection
At Hobart and William Smith, we believe that part of attending a residential college is living on campus with other students and encountering new experiences. In an effort to help bridge the gap between the classroom and the residence halls, first-year students are housed according to their First-Year Seminars. During the spring semester of each year, students will need to first fill out the General Housing Application online via myHousing in order to enter the housing lottery process. Once you do so, you’ll see the date and time you are scheduled to select your room for the next academic year.

Off-Campus Housing Selection
HWS boasts over 45 different living environments that are able to accommodate nearly every living style and preference. However, some seniors are ready to accept the challenges that come with the privilege of living off-campus. Students who wish to live off-campus must be in good academic and social standing with HWS and must apply during the housing lottery process. If a student is on academic or social probation, they cannot live off campus. Not all students who apply are granted permission, so encourage your student not to sign a lease before they receive permission.

Housing Accomodations

Hobart and William Smith Colleges recognize the importance of providing housing options that meet the needs of our diverse population. Our Gender Inclusive Housing process allows students to live with other students of another gender in any co-ed residence hall, house, or apartment. Our residential facilities provide a variety of options, including single gender housing by building or floor and co-educational living environments where students of all genders reside on the same floor.

Students who identify as transgender are permitted to select housing based on their gender identity. Students who prefer a specific housing accommodation may contact Residential Education to discuss their needs.


2018-2019 Housing Selection Timeline

Apartment & Suite Selection

February 5

Applications are available for Odell’s, Emerson, and 380 S. Main.

February 13

Odell’s applications are due by
12 noon.

February 15

Time tickets are released for Odell’s and selection occurs form 5 -10 p.m.

February 20

Emerson and 380 S. Main applications are due by 12 noon.

February 22

Time tickets are released for Emerson and 380 S. Main and selection occurs from 5 -10 p.m.

Theme House Selection

January 16

Call for theme house proposals.

February 1

Deadline to propose a theme house by 12 noon.

February 5

Themes (with location) are announced.

February 20

Theme House/Bampton applications are due by 12 noon.

March 5

Theme House/Bampton offers are released via myHousing.

March 8

Theme House acceptances are due by 12 noon.

March 13

Room Selection occurs in Bartlett Theater.

General Room Selection

March 26

View available spaces released.

March 28

Time tickets are released.

March 29

General Room selection begins, based upon your time ticket.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Residential Education at (315) 781-3880.


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