Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders and paid employees of the Office of Residential Education at Hobart and William Smith. An RA is assigned to each residential area and is responsible for creating a sense of community in the residence hall.

In developing such a community, they often address issues of personal counseling, advising, policy enforcement, programming (personal growth, community development, integrating living and learning, and social), etc. When students have questions or concerns about their living situations or about the Colleges in general, RAs are a great first stop for advice and tips.

In addition to acting as a role model both on and off-campus, RAs ensure that student behavior in residences is in accord with the Colleges’ policies as outlined in the Handbook of Community Standards.

New RA Application Timeline

  • January 16th, RA applications open! APPLY HERE .
  • January 23rd, RA info session, Rees Hall 1st floor lounge, 8pm.
  • January 31st, RA info session, Hirshson Ballroom, 8pm.
  • February 8th, RA application due online by 5pm (look for a follow-up email to sign up for your personal interview).
  • February 13-15th, RA personal interviews.
  • February 19th, group interview process, Coxe Hall, 7-9pm.
  • February 20th, group interview process, Coxe Hall, 6-8pm.
  • February 22nd, RA candidates notified of status.

BECOMING A Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants are selected from a competitive pool of applicants and undergo rigorous training.

The Resident Assistant application process usually begins in the Spring semester.

Need help writing a resume? Visit the Office of Career Services' Resume Help website.

RA Job Description

Applying for your RA position? You’ll need:

  • Cover Letter
  • Personal Showcase
    • The Personal Showcase is an 8.5x11 inch document that represents who you are and what you'd like us to know about you. Examples include a comic, poem, collage, drawing, statements, etc. You could create this as a PowerPoint slide, through Word, or something you create yourself and take a photo of. The Personal Showcase needs to be turned in digitally, so make sure to convert your file into a PDF.


Meet the RAs

Rebecca Czajkowski Campbell French

Chris Nolan Divya Tewari

Hamdan Ahmed Kayla Aulet

TJ Adams Valerie Cuellar

Zohaib Ahmad

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