Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence

Hobart and William Smith Colleges expect that its members will behave responsibly and equitably, that they will respect the personal rights of others, and that they will not infringe on the rights of others. All members of the Colleges are entitled to a professional working and learning environment. All members of the Colleges are accountable and responsible for ensuring that a respectful and trusting environment is maintained.

Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, discrimination and wrong doing based on one’s gender, sexuality, and/or sexual orientation destroys the trust and respect that are at the core of our academic mission. Such actions are condemned by the Colleges and in many instances may be violations of New York State and federal laws.

~No one deserves to be hurt, no one asks to be hurt.~


If you have been hurt and need help now - you can call:

Geneva Police Department: 911;
the HWS Counseling Center: (315) 781-3388;
for After Hours Emergencies: (315) 781-3333;

Or you can call the local rape crisis and relationship violence agency, Safe Harbors, Inc: (800) 247-7273.

If you are considering a "formal report" to have your case heard before the Sexual Assault Grievance Board at HWS, you will need to report the assault to an HWS official.

You can discuss your rights and options by contacting:

Maria Saavedra Finger
Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator
(315) 781-3388

Robb Flowers
Vice President for Student Affairs
(315) 781-3900

Sandy Bissell
Director of Human Resources
(315) 781-3313

Montrose Streeter
Associate Dean of Campus Safety and Conduct
(315) 781-3900

If you are unsure about which action to take, if any, or do not wish to report, you can always feel free to talk in confidence to someone at the HWS Counseling Center: (315) 781-3388.

For further information and more resources, see the links on this page.