Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence

Campus Resources

Campus Safety (911 from campus telephones or 315-781-3333)
Call to access campus security officers, ambulance, local police and emergency services.

Medical Services:

Hubbs Health Center (315-781-3600)
Free, confidential medical consultations for students (some fees for lab work).

Counseling and Support:

HWS Center for Counseling and Student Wellness (315-781-3388)
Free, confidential counseling services for students. A "counselor on call" is available 24 hours/7 days whenever school is in session; you can access the counselor by contacting your Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator or by calling the campus dispatcher at (315-781-3656). If you contact the campus dispatcher, you only need to provide your first name and telephone number, and ask the dispatcher to have the counselor call you back.

HWS Office of Residential Education (315-781-3880)
Support and coordination of other services, available 24 hrs/7 days when school is in session. If no one answers the phone, contact your Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator.

HWS Office of Religious Life (315-781-3671)
Pastoral counseling and support.

William Smith Dean’s Office (315-781-3467)
Hobart Dean’s Office (315-781-3300)
Support and advocacy through campus judicial process; help in arranging for leaves or academic support.

Campus Judicial Process:

HWS Student Sexual Grievance Officer (during regular business hours, 315-781-3467; after-hours, 315-781-3000)
Associate Dean of Campus Safety and Student Conduct Montrose Streeter.

HWS Employee Sexual Grievance Officer (315-781-3313)
Sandy Bissell, who also serves as Director of Human Resources.

Community Resources

Geneva Police Department (315-789-1111)
Located at 255 Exchange Street in downtown Geneva.

Medical Services:

Geneva General Hospital Emergency Room (315-787-4500)
Medical services and collection of forensic evidence; located at the junction of North Main and North Streets in Geneva.

Thompson Hospital Emergency Room (315-396-6000)
Medical services and collection of forensic evidence; located on 350 Parrish Street in Canandaigua.

Counseling and Support:

Safe Harbors (24 hours/7 days crisis hotline 800-247-7273, or 315-781-1093 during office hours)
Free, confidential crisis counseling; support groups; support during medical exams; advocacy and guidance in reporting the crime to the police and in navigating the judicial process.