HWS Students

Full-time students are eligible to use the facility by swiping a validated Hobart and William Smith Colleges student identification card or entering C.W.I.D. numbers.


Faculty, Staff, Administration, and Contract employees of the Colleges, including Marriott Corp. employees, are eligible to use the Bristol Field House by presenting or swiping their Hobart and William Smith Colleges employee Identification Card. Retired employees receive a lifetime membership upon notification from the Department of Human Resources. Through a special program, Cornell University faculty who are employed at the Geneva Agricultural Experiment Station are also eligible for the full use of our facility. However, they must first contact Pat Mahoney in the Cornell Human Resource Office (787-2234) who will in turn provide us with updated lists of those who are eligible. Cornell faculty must present their Cornell I.D.’s and be checked against our list of eligible users.


Hobart and William Smith Alums living in the Geneva area are eligible to purchase a Sport & Recreation Center membership. Status will be verified through the Alumni Relations Office prior to the issuance of a membership card.
Fee per Member: $5.00 Daily, $156 Annually

College-Affiliated Members

Spouses or significant others of College employees, contract employees and alumnae/alumni (see note for who is a Full Member) living in the same household are eligible to purchase a membership with full privileges. Spouses or significant others must be accompanied by the sponsoring person when purchasing a membership and each member of the family must buy an individual membership. A child or dependent (minimum age of 16) is eligible as well under the same terms that apply to the section above. Children or dependents under the age of sixteen do not have to purchase a membership. However, they can only use the building during specified Affiliated Recreation Hours and must be accompanied by an adult member. Children under age eighteen are not allowed in the fitness room. Dependents between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four can use the facility between the academic breaks in both the winter and summer. Full privileges are provided to these members. Contact the Sport and Recreation Center for specific fees regarding academic breaks.
Fee per Family Member: $5.00 Daily, $156 Annually

Court Use

Those who have the above memberships are entitled to full use of the
tennis courts, racquetball courts, basketball courts and track when available. Please note that specific times and activities are subject to availability.

Membership Periods

All memberships expire on December 31 and are purchased on a prorated basis throughout the year. To obtain a membership for the Bristol Field House, patrons must report to the Information Desk inside the front entrance of the facility. At that time, they must provide all identification and information requested.

Parking Pass

In order to regulate the parking facilities, patrons are required to obtain a parking pass from the Hobart and William Smith Security Office located on Pulteney Street free of charge.


Bristol Field House
Phone:  (315) 781-3901


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