Fitness Motivational Programs


1. Join the WOW Program!

It’s simple and as non-invasive as you desire. Here are the details (start any Wednesday):

  1. The WOW program (Weigh-in On Wednesdays) asks you to weigh yourself each week in order for you to keep tabs on your weight. Whether your goal is to maintain, lose, or gain weight, keeping tabs on yourself on a weekly basis is one way to make sure that you do not stray far from your desired path.

  2. Participation can range from just weighing yourself without recording the information (with no one else involved), to creating contracts and consulting with the director on a weekly basis. It is up to you!

  3. While a scale will be available all day each Wednesday at Bristol Field House for you to use, you can also simply submit the WOW Recording Form indicating that you weighed-in that day at another location and only include the weight (and any comments) if you so desire.

  4. To get started just stop over or e-mail us on any Wednesday. You can decide what level of motivational assistance that you want, if any at all. This level can be adjusted to be more or less structured any time that you desire. After the first Wednesday that you start, you will receive a friendly reminder e-mail each week to weigh yourself, if you so desire.

  5. If you stop by/or report on 30 Wednesdays over the course of a calendar year, you will be rewarded with a cool WOW t-shirt. There will also be prizes available as a reward for certain goal attainment (totally optional) and randomly provided just for participating in the program. Extrinsic rewards are fun!

  6. All HWS students and staff are eligible to participate

It’s that easy!

2. Trek the Nation Challenge

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Bristol Field House
Phone: (315) 781-3528


Bored or not seeing results with your exercise program? OR are you not really sure what to eat for optimum sports performance or general health reasons? Please call Russ Hess at ext. 3901.


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